Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 12

A view from Earth. I've added a deck on the cliff side of the observatory and have the walking trail half complete.  Also I've begun adding orbiting moons to the planets which have them. There isn't room in the sim to space them all at the correct distances, but their sizes and periods of orbits will be right for the scale I'm using. I haven't decided what to do about the moons of Mars as they would be too small to be seen. Perhaps some circles and arrows which would appear on command as part of the informational display.

 An alternate planet walk.

The above is a fully to scale planet walk I'm working on high in the sky. The sun is shown on the far left and each line across the walkway represents the orbit of a planet. The inner planets look cozily spaced but with the sun at 0.1 meters in diameter, Neptune is some 300 meters distant. Its a long walk. The vertical white bars are an animated texture which represent the speed of light. Its slower than you might think - taking three minutes just to reach Mercury. I'm still tinkering with this exhibit and I've just had an idea for making it better. So I'll be taking it apart and rebuilding.  Yay.


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