Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 19

Trail building in the mountains, through the land of the giants.

The trail making is complete! Now I can focus on other matters like additional exhibits, what and how to tell about each point of interest.  

But simply providing information isn't the park's purpose. Libraries, museums, and the internet already serve that need.  My overall goal is to engage people's imaginations and convey a sense of how vast and interesting our local neighborhood of planets and rocks and comets really is. Oh, and that nearby star that we're orbiting.

Uranus and the moons Miranda and Ariel.

I've added locating beams to make it easy to see where the moons of a planet are. Most are small and difficult to see in relation to the planet they orbit. The beams can be turned on and off by touching a control on the ground - which appears as an unlabeled cone as this is still in the testing stage. This also solves my problem with the two moons of Mars. They're too small to see but the beams do a good job of showing their locations and motion.

 A view from the observatory.

No base jumping off the deck. Don't people realize how dangerous that kind of thing is? Especially with the ocean below. And there may be sharks - or pirates (and if you do, please send pictures).

An exhibit currently under construction which intends to show how gravity shapes the paths of objects. (video link)

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